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Janett Cordoves

February 13, 2019

Why I...

The LKC Communications team has come up with an idea to showcase the LKC leadership team. We call it, the "Why I" series. We want to share with our Latinx/a/o community who members of the LKC leadership team are, our roles, and what inspired us to follow our career paths. Our goal is to increase the visibility of not just the LKC, but to the leaders who make the LKC what is to us all.

Janett I. Cordoves is the Co-Curricular Partnerships Manager at Interfaith Youth Core. She has served as a Pre-Conference Chair, Active Member, Escaleras Institute, Spirituality & Religion KC Communication Chair, and Journal of College and Character Social Media Associate Editor.

Why did you join the LKC?

Besides clicking on the box within the NASPA portal and thinking it'd be beneficial to be abreast of what is occurring in the Latinx community including research and scholarship, I never felt like I joined the LKC. I did have colleagues who served in formal roles within the KC who would invite, encourage, and ask me to join them in community service projects, regional meet-ups, town hall meetings, pre-conference sessions etc... For me, the LKC was more of a space where I could speak my native language, understand the slang, hear the tambores and actually enjoy the appetizers then a member application and/or networking event. I attend networking and members only events quite frequently and this was not that. This was a place I felt and continue to feel, in the midst of a national conference/agenda/platform, a niche, a ballroom each year at NASPA national, where I could relax, enjoy, and learn.

Why did you choose your higher ed career path?

The field chose me. I was studying applied mathematics when three brilliant and caring higher ed. professionals (Christopher Kuretich, Karen Pennington, and Felicia McGinty) came into my life and poured leadership training, love, student development, and scholarship into my world. After graduating I pursued my MA in administration and supervision, and pursued a career in higher education.

Share with us a fun fact. It can be silly, funny, random, or anything you want to make it.

I love the ocean and find healing and tranquility in it.

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