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Wiliama Sanchez

October 3, 2017

Finding My Footing

Almost five years ago I went rogue in student affairs, leaving my job to attend my doctoral program. I called it my leap of faith. But many times it felt like a free fall or a balloon, floating in the dark and quickly losing air. But one night this all started to change - in finding my footing. This talk will share my journey and offer how to move with, not against, the currents of life with grace, faith, and ability to celebrate.

Josie Ahlquist
Research Associate & Instructor
Florida State University
[email protected]

Twitter: @Josieahlquist
Instagram: @Josieahlquist
Snapchat: @Josieahlquist
Facebook: /Dr.JosieAhlquist

Truths Uncovered on my SA Pro Voyage

“Truths Uncovered on my SA Pro Voyage” follows the personal and professional journey of this first gen, white, queer woman from rural Maine, as she discovers lessons about family, identity, self-acceptance, privilege, courage, and her calling as a Student Affairs Professional. Just as her voyage was influenced by key people and experiences, so too does she aim to create ripples that foster positive change in the lives of her students.

Heather French
Dean for Student Development & Engagement
Holy Names University
[email protected]

Twitter: @HeatherAFrench
Instagram: @heatherafrench
Snapchat: @hafrench
Facebook: /heather.french.108

A New Professional in Old Skin

This program will provide a glance into the life and career of a new professional in student affairs.  Unlike most new professionals, the currents blew this presenter into the field later in life.  Through the sharing of her professional and educational journey, the presenter will demonstrate that new professionals have many commonalities regardless of which way the current carried them into the field of student affairs.

Linda Demyan
Training Analyst
California State University, Channel Islands
[email protected]

Twitter: @LindaDemyan
Facebook: /linda.demyan

Once First, Always First

My journey through higher education as both a student and professional has been intimately shaped and informed by my first-generation status. The youngest of four raised by a single mother, feelings of uncertainty, unworthiness and inadequacy have permeated my life, long before I ever heard the term ‘imposter syndrome’. The reality is many first generation college graduates are often first generation professionals. “Being the first” in my family was once a hurdle, one which I defined through a deficit lens. The joy I now feel has come from making meaning of my experience, finding gratitude for the lessons learned and turning what I once saw as a deficit into strength that allows me to remove obstacles for others.

Dr. Lea M. Jarnagin
Vice President for Student Affairs
Cal Poly Pomona
[email protected]

Twitter: @leajarnagin
Instagram: @drj_cpp

Drop Knowledge, Not Mics: What Hip Hop Has Taught Me About Higher Education

Through personal stories, a member of the higher education community and the hip hop community will share their thoughts on how their experience with the four elements of hip hop impacts their work on a regular basis. The presenter will share lived insight on how an often overlooked, misunderstood, and commodified subculture is still core to how they work.

Tyler Pau
Assistant Director of Residence Life
University of Puget Sound
[email protected]

Sueños de Educación: Dreams of an Education

The personal journey of growing up in Mexico City and the role education played in migrating as a teen to the US for opportunities. How this Mexicana navigated the US educational system as undocumented and found a love for student affairs.

Tonatzin Oseguera
Associate Vice President for Student Affairs
California State University, Fullerton
[email protected]

Twitter: @DrOseguera
Instagram: @droseguera

Be-YOU-tiful: Riding Your Own Wave

All too often, students from every grade level experience a moment in time where they feel vulnerable, incomplete, self conscious, and beaten down. From my own personal experience, I've endured all of that, and then some....until I realized that riding your own wave is an experience everybody should join in on. This talk will give light to issues society deems as taboo in order to pinpoint the key theme: students are people too. From suicide to student government, from talking about the bully instead of the one being bullied to a beautiful life right in front of you - I hope my story will be the spark to ignite the flame of change in you all.

Tkani Finau
University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa

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