AVP Cohort Connections

The NASPA AVP Steering Committee is excited to introduce an opportunity to bring together members of the AVP community to help foster and strengthen our network.  In response to requests for additional opportunities for AVPs to be able to connect and learn from each other, the AVP Steering Committee has developed a new initiative that will be piloted in Fall 2019.

Our goals are two-fold:

  1. Bring together and foster supportive connections between AVPs within the NASPA community.
  2. Create sustainable and ongoing virtual communities that meet at least twice a semester to discuss current trends and topics that are directly impacting the ways in which AVPs do their work and serve students.

The work of the AVP is dynamic and ever changing.  As such, there has been a regular call for AVPs to be able to network and find supportive spaces where they can learn from peers and find ways to help navigate the increasingly volatile issues that crop up on college campuses. Our hope is that AVP Cohort Connections will meet this need by offering small group virtual communities that will meet at least twice a semester via a visual meetup platform (like Ring Central) to discuss current trends and topics that are directly impacting the ways in which AVPs do their work.  We are hoping to have cohorts composed of individuals from campuses that are of similar size and makeup. Additionally, each cohort will consist of an AVP Cohort Facilitator who will be responsible for bringing the cohort together as well as organizing and facilitating the topic(s) of conversation for the Cohort Connection.

Facilitated topics could include:

  • Free Speech/open expression/media
  • Assessment (eg culture of, doing it well, making the time)
  • Student conduct/crisis management
  • Navigating mental health through the lens of university policies and protocols.
  • Defining your role/balancing
  • Supervision up, down, and across
  • Working with HR
  • Working and operating with labor relations/collective bargaining
  • Collaborating with academic affairs
  • Navigating politics
  • New laws and policies
  • Mental health of students/staff

...And much more.  

Sign up here if you would like to join a cohort and/or become a Cohort Facilitator. We are accepting registrants until Friday, September 27 and will be back in touch with registered individuals following this date.