Strategic Plan: 2018-2021

Mission: To connect members of the regional student affairs community in professional development efforts that build competencies and creates networks to share the rewards and challenges of educating college students.

Vision: NASPA Region II is the premier regional source for student affairs professional development that connects current and future practitioners and faculty of the field.

Core Values:

  • Knowledge
  • Leadership
  • Mentorship
  • Collaboration
  • Advocacy
  • Community
  • Equity
  • Inclusion
  • Innovation
  • Learning

Strategic Goals & Action Steps (download a PDF of the plan here)

  1. Focus on Our Future - Expand access for undergraduate students, graduate students and new professionals to NASPA2 programs, services and activities.
    1. Provide conference scholarships to graduate students and new professionals to attend the region’s annual conference;
    2. Organize no/low-cost year-round networking opportunities throughout the region through state-level programming.
    3. Provide socialization into the field, mentorship, and interview opportunities within the region.
  2. Prepare Mid-Level Professionals to Lead - Introduce high-impact professional development opportunities for mid-level Student Affairs professionals throughout NASPA2.
    1. Introduce “Career Connections” (placement service) at the Regional Conference;
    2. Expand opportunities for mid-level professionals to be engaged in Careers in Student Affairs Month while aligning the Faculty Council with the Region’s NUFP program;
    3. Provide mentoring opportunities for career advancement;
    4. Expand year-round, virtual program offerings for mid-level managers.
  3. Innovate Our Work - Provide opportunities to discover and discuss new and innovative strategies that address current issues in higher education.
    1. Introduce an on-going NASPA2 “senior student affairs officer roundtable” in conjunction with our expanded SSAO Institute at the Regional Conference;
    2. Offer faculty-specific initiatives;
    3. Provide timely information on state and national policies that impact our campuses and our students;
    4. Ensure that senior-level student affairs leaders and faculty are aware of new, and on-going NASPA initiatives and programs.
  4. Commitment to Community Colleges and Two-Year Institutions - Develop and deliver programs focused on supporting student affairs work at community college and two-year institutions throughout NASPA2.
    1. Establish a NASPA2 Community College Institute;
    2. Ensure representation from community college and two-year institutions on the Regional Advisory Board and Regional Conference planning committee.

Download a PDF of NASPA2's Strategic Plan: 2018-2021 here.

NASPA Region II Diversity Toolkit