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Explorying the Ways Jargon, first-gen

Exploring The Ways Jargon Influences College Access & Success for First-generation College Students

Student Success Equity, Inclusion, and Social Justice Division
Sonja Ardoin, Ph.D. Appalachian State University

College knowledge is the information and resources students need to navigate through the higher education system (e.g., Ardoin, 2018; Vargas, 2004; White, 2005). One distinct aspect of college knowledge is the language and acronyms that institutions use to create their own jargon. Utilizing research data and case studies, this live briefing will explore the ways jargon influences college access and success for first-generation college students. Participants will reflect on and discuss how jargon appears in and shapes student matriculation and transition, creates barriers and challenges during across campus experiences, and influences persistence.  Suggestions for how to manage jargon use and continue learning about these topics will be offered.

Learning Outcomes

Participants in this session will

  • learn about college knowledge and institutional jargon as an access and success challenge, particularly for first-generation college students;
  • examine jargon items through research data and case studies;
  • reflect on how their office or institution might be creating in-groups and out-groups with their language and acronym choices; and
  • explore strategies to broaden language to be more inclusive of all students and campus community members.
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