2019 NASPA Well-being and Health Promotion Leadership Conference: A NASPA Strategies Conference

January 17 – January 19, 2019
Washington, DC

Well-being and health are too often overlooked as critical aspects of a positive higher education experience. Overworked, stressed, unwell students become overworked, stressed, unwell members of society and it has been shown that promoting the necessary centering of well-being as a life essential can be highly successful in the institutional environment. The time has never been more critical to come together as leaders and advocates for well-being and student health and focus on partnering—both across our own institutions and the broader higher ed landscape—to develop integrated, systemic approaches to advance the promotion of student health and well-being.

For information about the 2020 NASPA Strategies Conferences in New Orleans, LA, January 16-18, please click here.

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The Well-Being and Health Promotion Conference would like to thank the following Conference Committee members for their insight, input, and guiding direction in planning the 2019 conference. 

  • Stacy Andes, Director of Health Promotion, Villanova University
  • Raquel Cabral, Director, Florida Atlantic University
  • Nancy Chase, Director of Student Wellness & Health Promotion, University of Delaware
  • Mary Jo Desprez, Director of Wolverine Wellness, University of Michigan
  • Suzy Harrington, Executive Director, Georgia Tech
  • Maureen Hawkins, Director, University of Central Florida
  • Patrick Lukingbeal, Director of UH Wellness, University of Houston
  • Karen Moses, Director of ASU Wellness & Health Promotion, Arizona State University
  • Erica Okamura, Program Director, University of California-San Diego
  • Suzanne Swierc, Health Promotion Specialist, Texas A & M University
  • Paula Swinford, Director of Health Promotion Strategy, University of Southern California
  • Marian Trattner, Bystander Intervention Specialist, University of Texas at Austin
  • Delynne Wilcox, Assistant Director of Health Planning & Prevention, University of Alabama

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