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Opportunities and Pitfalls: Designing and Managing an Early Alert System

Knowledge Community Virtual Events Health, Safety, and Well-being Student Success Campus Safety and Violence Prevention Orientation, Transition and Retention

Early alert systems are a popular initiative to support student success. Yet, there is relatively limited research and guidance on best practices for launching, managing, and connecting such systems with other retention practices. In this session, the presenter will share her experiences implementing and managing the campus-wide early alert system to support student success and retention. Using lessons learned along the way, she will facilitate a discussion around different approaches to early alert system designs, gaining campus buy-in, managing information on a day-to-day basis to ensure action is taken to best support students, and closing the communication loop to inform and improve outcomes.

Presenter: Joanne Goldwater, Associate Dean for Retention and Student Success

Time: 1-2 EST

Presented By

Orientation Transition and Retention