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Reimagining Student Well-being: Leading Innovation at the System Level through Digital Interventions

Virtual Live Briefings Health, Safety, and Well-being AVP or "Number Two" Mid-Level New Professional Senior Level VP for Student Affairs

Over the past 10 years, campuses have experienced an ever-rising demand for counseling services leaving many struggling to keep up with demands. These challenges have been exacerbated in light of hybrid learning which has led to increased anxiety, distress, loneliness, and for many students, challenges meeting basic needs. As with any complex issue related to cultural shifts and psychology – the causes are many and solutions have to be multi-pronged with system level support. While most campuses have established means of successfully replicating classroom environments in hybrid environments, many have not found or implemented adequate solutions to provide student services in this new landscape. The presentation will focus on the importance of providing flexible upstream mental health, well-being, basic needs, and student success interventions to support students at scale from the perspective of system level leadership. 

The presentation will highlight essential aspects of successful upstream interventions via a case study of a digital intervention implemented at the California State University System Institutions. The original pilot at California State is grounded in the system-wide focus on improving equitable graduation outcomes for all students, furthering the goals of Graduation Initiative 2025 by extending the reach of the system’s campuses in supporting holistic student success.  The presentation will highlight challenges, lessons learned, and replicable insights. 


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