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VPSA and AVP Colleague Conversations: Meeting the Moment

Virtual Engagement Events AVP or "Number Two" Senior Level VP for Student Affairs

Never in the history of our profession have senior leaders been asked to do so much with such uncertain, constantly-changing information and rapidly declining resources. Scholars and pundits agree: this is a critical moment in higher education history. Student affairs leaders must keep a hand on the wheel and steer us into the future, or our profession risks irrelevance. We invite you to participate in a series of Colleague Conversations over the coming months. These conversations are an opportunity for senior student affairs professionals to discuss, analyze, critique and strategize with peers across the country. Free of charge and exclusively for Vice Presidents and AVPs who are current NASPA members, these conversations will allow for discrete sharing of concerns and ideas that will allow us to meet the difficult moment in which we find ourselves.  

Each of these discussions will focus on emergent issues determined by seasoned professionals who will facilitate the conversations. Each month’s topics will match the most current concerns facing our institutions and our profession. Upcoming topics include: 

Thursday, September 17, 4 pm-5 pm ET:  Re-envisioning the Campus:  Re-opening, restructuring, reclosing, preparing for compliance issues; physical and mental health and safety; staff redeployment for crisis; budget cuts.

Thursday, October 15, 4 pm-5 pm ET:  Reframing the Culture:  Responding to campus and community activism and engagement related to racism, white supremacy, equity and inclusion; campus safety and relations with law enforcement agencies.

Thursday, November 19, 4 pm-5 pm ET:  Recalibrating the Profession: Managing rapid change; reduction in staff, services and resources; Reduced staff and services--how to prioritize and align with academic priorities.  Register Here

Thursday, December 17, 4 pm-5 pm:  Revitalizing leaders: Dealing with change and crisis management fatigue; stress from months of constant change; self care and leading when you’re exhausted; modeling the way for other staff and leading through crisis.  Register Here

Participation in these Colleague Conversations is limited to VPSAs and AVPs (and the equivalent) who are members of NASPA.

If you have any questions about these Colleague Conversations, please contact James Stascavage, NASPA's senior director of leadership and senior student affairs officers initiatives, at jstascavage@naspa.org or 202-719-1172.

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