Alcohol & Drug Abuse Prevention

The Alcohol, Other Drugs Prevention Focus Area highlights the continued challenges facing higher education when it comes to substance abuse on campuses. Bringing together the resources of Knowledge Communities, specialized conferences, and in-depth research the AOD focus area is committed to providing student affairs practitioners with the tools necessary to effectively deal with these challenges.

Alcohol & Drug Abuse Prevention

  • BACCHUS’s most requested pamphlet, this updated version of “Tips on Sipping,” explores for college students the concept of responsible decision-making, the effects of alcohol, social event planning and caring for…


  • This pamphlet offers an in-depth look at the issues women face in terms of alcohol use. There are many differences in the effects, the usage, and some of the behaviors…

  • Alcohol: Minimizing Your Risks
    By BACCHUS Initiatives

    This pamphlet is a program in itself! In a very nonthreatening way, students are asked to take a look at the potential risks they are facing by filling out the…

  • Certified Peer Educator Student Workbook
    By BACCHUS Initiatives of NASPA

    The CPE student workbook is full of information and interactive exercises for each of the modules in the CPE Program. The activities are designed to reinforce learning and provide ample…

  • Using the CAS Professional Standards: Diverse Examples of Practice
    By Needham Yancey Gulley, Shannon R. Dean, and Laura A. Dean, Editors

    Using the CAS Professional Standards is a practical text designed to highlight multiple ways to apply the standards and guidelines published by the Council for the Advancement of Standards in…


  • Celebrate peer education with this white graduation stole. The BACCHUS Initiatives logo appears on the right side of the stole, the NASPA logo appears on the left side.


  • Leadership Exchange magazine helps prepare chief student affairs officers for the most complex management challenges in higher education today. The magazine delivers expert news and analysis on the latest trends…


  • The mission of Journal of Student Affairs Research and Practice (JSARP) is to publish the most rigorous, relevant, and well-respected research that makes a difference in student affairs practice. The…


  • This updated set of Professional Competency Areas is intended to define the broad professional knowledge, skills, and, in some cases, attitudes expected of student affairs professionals regardless of their area…

  • In Search of Safer Communities
    By Margaret A. Jablonski, George McClellan, and Eugene L. Zdziarski

    The tragic shootings at Virginia Tech on April 16, 2007, shocked the nation, including those of us who work in student affairs. In fall 2007, NASPA convened a working group…

  • Decisions Matter: Using a Decision-Making Framework with Contemporary Student Affairs Case Studies
    By Annemarie Vaccaro, Brian McCoy, Delight Champagne, and Michael Siegel

    Decisions Matter is an innovative guide designed to help novice student affairs professionals develop effective decision-making skills. Written by seasoned student affairs educators and practitioners, this book contains a systematic…


Alcohol & Drug Abuse Prevention
Initiatives & Awards

Healthy Colleges Montana
Healthy Colleges Montana logo
For nearly 15 years, the Montana Collegiate Tobacco Prevention Initiative (MCTPI) has supported college and university efforts to reduce use
Coalition of Colorado Campus Alcohol and Drug Educators
Coalition of Colorado Campus Alcohol and Drug Educators logo
For over 20 years, the Colorado Coalition of Campus Alcohol and Drug Educators (CADE) has supported college and university prevention effort

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