National Student Affairs Day of Action

Get Involved with the 2018 National Student Affairs Day of Action!

Engaging with our representative democracy is essential to maintaining the health and function of our nation’s government. Whether you’re just getting started on your journey to becoming an engaged participant or have been active for some time, this page offers resources and suggestions for learning and engaging in local, state, and national policy conversations relevant to student affairs professionals.

We understand that student affairs professionals are sometimes hesitant to engage in active advocacy because of uncertainty about where their role as campus employee ends and their rights as a citizen begins. While we cannot offer legal advice or guidance, there are many ways for student affairs professionals to engage politically, both as an institutional employee and as a private citizen.


  • The first step in becoming a more engaged citizen is to learn. What you choose to learn about is up to you, and the possibilities are nearly endless.

NASPA’s Policy and Advocacy Resources



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