Our Mission

The mission of the NASPA Foundation is to raise funds to advance NASPA’s mission and legacy.

Guiding Principles
  • Connecting the Present with the Future
  • Celebrating Achievement
  • Supporting Research and Best Practices
  • Honoring History

Your NASPA Foundation advances NASPA and the student affairs profession by raising funds that are used to celebrate achievement, as well as support scholarships, meaningful research and emergent practices. Your investments also honor the legacy of NASPA and of Student Affairs leaders, scholars, and practitioners.

When you both support young scholars and recognize the importance and impact of the work of distinguished Student Affairs practitioners, you connect the past and present to the future and infuse a spirit of gratitude and giving among NASPA’s membership.

  • Goal 1: Increase substantially the Foundation’s capacity to be a dynamic and sustainable organization.
  • Goal 2: Heighten the visibility and strengthen the brand of the Foundation.
  • Goal 3: Increase substantially the Foundation’s fund-raising and donor base.
  • Goal 4: Fund meaningful scholarship and emergent practices.

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Founded in 1973 during the presidency of John Blackburn, the NASPA Foundation furthers the research that contributes to practice. Historical highlights include:

  • Originally the NASPA Institute for Research and Development (NIRAD)
  • 1978, NIRAD published Pieces of Eight, a seminal book regarding the challenges and artistry of a working dean
  • Renamed the NASPA Foundation in 1989 and incorporated for the promotion of research and the advancement and development of Student Affairs
  • The first class of Pillars of the Profession were honored in 1999
  • The Campaign for NASPA was launched in 2008 – the boldest fundraising initiative in our history