NASPA Foundation Capstone Award


The Foundation hopes to capture slices of higher education history for future researchers as experienced and lived by NASPA’s members. The Capstone Award acknowledges career-spanning bookmarks and the contributions of the members.   By developing this award, the Foundation creates an opportunity to support individuals and their families upon retirement. It is a way to preserve and say “thank you” for the countless differences these individuals have made.

The NASPA Foundation Board of Directors is pleased to announce the recent development of the exciting Capstone Award! The Capstone Award is the Foundation’s newest award that acknowledges people who’ve retired from the student affairs profession. It is a voluntary effort aimed at student affairs’ retirees asking them to send to the new legacy repository a final resume detailing their formal education, positions held, professional involvement, research, publications, presentations, and so forth. The electronic legacy repository will sit on a NASPA server and any future digital storage device accessible by future researchers vetted and approved by NASPA. Retirees will also receive a framed Capstone Award directly from the Foundation.


We are thrilled to recognize the individuals below for the Capstone Award.  Please click the names below to view their final resume/ CV and responses to the Capstone Award questions.

How Do You Get Involved?

Service to the Student Affairs profession as a practitioner and/or scholar for 20 cumulative years

What to Submit:

You will receive your framed Capstone Award upon electronic receipt (sent to Lucy Fort with the NASPA Foundation, [email protected] ) of the following from you in non-editable PDF format:

1. A career-spanning resume with the following elements preferably in this order: name, last home and professional address, family status, education, work experience (preferably from last to first including title, institution, and responsibilities), teaching experience, dissertations directed, publications, professional association activities, major professional presentations, and honors and awards.

2. Requested succinct responses to a few uniform questions including:

a.     What motivated you to join the student affairs profession?

b.     How have students and the profession changed during your career?

c.      What do you see in the future of the student affairs profession?

d.     What is one lesson you want to pass on to new professionals?

e.     What was your most significant professional achievement?

f.       What was your greatest professional difficulty?

3. A release allowing access to submitted materials for research purposes. Your submission will not be edited in any way by NASPA.

If you wish to submit materials for the Capstone Award, please e-mail these to Lucy Fort with the NASPA Foundation at [email protected]

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