Board of Directors

The NASPA Foundation Board has been volunteer driven since its inception in 1973. Board members volunteer their time to serve as ambassadors, solicit gifts, provide strategic oversight, and support foundation programs such as Pillars of the Profession and Channing Briggs Small Grants. Additionally, each NASPA Foundation Board Member commits to joining the Diamond Club and assuming travel and lodging costs for foundation board meetings.

NASPA Foundation Board Member Expectations

Interested in Serving as Foundation Board Member?

The Foundation Board is always seeking nominations for those interested in supporting the fundraising work of the NASPA Foundation.  To learn more about becoming a Board member and the application process, please contact the Foundation Board Chair Gene Zdziarski or Foudnation Board Chair-Elect Bette Simmons.  

Executive Committee

  • Eugene L. Zdziarski, II
    NASPA Foundation Board Chair - Vice President for Student Affairs, DePaul University

    phone (312) 362-8854

    Eugene L. Zdziarski, II

    email[email protected]

    phone(312) 362-8854

  • Bette M. Simmons
    NASPA Foundation Chair Elect - Vice President of Student Development - County College of Morris

    phone (973) 328-5171

    Bette M. Simmons

    email[email protected]

    phone(973) 328-5171

  • Frank Ardaiolo
    NASPA Foundation Past Board Chair - Vice President for Student Life, Winthrop University

    phone (803) 323-2251

    Frank Ardaiolo

    email[email protected]

    phone(803) 323-2251

  • Kevin Kruger
    NASPA Foundation Treasurer - President, NASPA

    phone (202) 719-1168

    Kevin Kruger

    email[email protected]

    phone(202) 719-1168

  • Lori White
    NASPA Past Board Chair - Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, Washington University in St Louis

    phone (972) 333-3456

    Lori White

    email[email protected]

    phone(972) 333-3456

  • Les P. Cook
    NASPA Foundation Member-at-Large - Vice President for Student Affairs and Advancement, Michigan Technological University

    phone (906) 487-2465

    Les P. Cook

    email[email protected]

    phone(906) 487-2465

  • Javaune Adams-Gaston
    Vice President for Student Life, The Ohio State University
    Javaune Adams-Gaston

    email[email protected]

    phone(614) 247-5353

  • Paul Bennion
    Vice President for Student Affairs & Dean of Students, The College of Idaho
    Paul Bennion

    email[email protected]

    phone(208) 459-5841

  • Maggie de la Teja
    Vice President for Student Development Services, Tarrant County College District Northeast Campus
    Maggie de la Teja

    email[email protected]

    phone(817) 515-6203

  • Robert Gatti
    Vice President and Dean for Student Affairs, Otterbein University
    Robert Gatti

    email[email protected]

    phone(614) 823-1250

  • Henry Gee
    Vice President of Student Services, Rio Hondo College
    Henry Gee

    email[email protected]

    phone(562) 908-3489

  • Brian Haynes
    Vice President for Student Affairs, California State University, San Bernardino
    Brian Haynes

    email[email protected]

    phone(909) 537-5185

  • Cedric Howard
    Vice Chancellor for Student and Enrollment Services, SUNY at Fredonia
    Cedric Howard

    email[email protected]

    phone(716) 673-3271

  • Maureen Keefe
    Vice President for Student Development, Massachusetts College of Art and Design
    Maureen Keefe

    email[email protected]

    phone(617) 879-7705

  • Gage E. Paine
    Senior Consultant Keeling & Associates, LLC
    Gage E. Paine

    email[email protected]

    phone(212) 542-3212

  • M.L. "Cissy" Petty
    Vice President for Student Affairs Associate Provost, Loyola University New Orleans
    M.L. "Cissy" Petty

    email[email protected]

    phone(504) 865-3030

  • Lori M. Reesor
    Vice Provost for Student Affairs, Indiana University-Bloomington
    Lori M. Reesor

    email[email protected]

    phone(812) 855-8188

  • Christine Schneikart-Luebbe
    Consultant, Division of Student Affairs, Vice Provost and Dean of Students Office
    Christine Schneikart-Luebbe

    email[email protected]

    phone(812) 855-8187

  • Barb Snyder
    Vice President for Student Affairs University of Utah
    Barb Snyder

    email[email protected]

    phone(801) 581-7793

  • Denzil J Suite
    Vice President for Student Life - University of Washington
    Denzil J Suite

    email[email protected]

    phone(206) 543-4972

  • Charlotte Tullos
    Higher Education Enrollment Management Consultant
    Charlotte Tullos

    email[email protected]

    phone(509) 859-2499

  • David Zamojski
    Assistant Dean of Students, Boston University
    David Zamojski

    email[email protected]

    phone(617) 353-4380

Past Foundation Board Presidents
2014-2016  Dr. Frank Ardaiolo, Winthrop University 2012-2014 Dr. Cherry Callahan, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
2010-2012  Dr. Barb Snyder, University of Utah 2008-2010 Dr. Almeda Jacks, Clemson University
2006-2008  Dr. Ed Whipple, Bowling Green State University (Retired) 2004-2006 Ms. Susan Batchelor Adams, Texas Christian University (Retired)
2002-2004 Dr. Doris Ching, University of Hawaii (Retired) 2000-2002 Dr. Margaret Barr, Northwestern University
1998-2000 Dr. William Thomas, Deceased 1996-1998 Dr. David Ambler, University of Kansas (Retired)
1993-1996 Ms. Judith Chambers, University of the Pacific (Retired) 1992-1993 Dr. Dudley Woodward, University of Arizona (Retired)
1991-1992 Dr. Richard Correnti, Florida International University (Retired) 1989-1990 Dr. Larry Ebbers, Iowa State University (Retired)
1988-1989 Dr. Tom Goodale, Sigma Alpha Epsilon 1987-1988 Ms. Judith Chambers, University of the Pacific (Retired)
1986-1987 Dr. Robert Leach, Deceased 1985-1986 Dr. Richard Correnti, Florida International University (Retired)
1984-1985 Dr. Edward Hammond, Fort Hays State University (Retired) 1983-1984 Dr. Mikell O'Donnell, Ohio State University (Retired)
1977-1983 Dr. Channing Briggs, (Deceased) 1976-1977 Dr. Jim Rhatigan, Wichita State University (Retired)
1975-1976 Dr. James Appleton, University of Redlands 1973-1975 Dr. John Blackburn, Blackburn Educational Technologies (Deceased)