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#GivingTuesday was founded by charities and philanthropists to transform how people think about, talk about, and participate in the giving season. It’s a counter to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, a chance to focus on people rather than things. NASPA and the NASPA Foundation will participate in #GivingTuesday this year in celebrating NASPA’s 100th Anniversary.

#GivingTuesday is the Tuesday after Thanksgiving – November 27, 2018.

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The work of student affairs professionals continues to transcend and impact the lives of countless students. Learn more through the stories of those who have volunteered with the Foundation, received scholarship funding to attend conferences or been recognized for the scholarly work to the field. Your donations matter and allow for the future growth of student affairs through today’s campus professionals. The support of 100 people donating just $10 each allows for a graduate student to attend the NASPA Annual Conference, with travel included.

Say Thanks on #GivingTuesday

Looking back at our past and embracing our future, we invite you to make a gift in honor of fellow student affairs friends, colleagues and mentors. Use the hashtag #SAHero, and let people know who inspired you and who you are honoring through your gift. On #GivingTuesday, pick a fund that supports a cause close to you and honor someone who impacted your career. Give $10 in thier honor and say thanks online using @NASPAGives and #SAHero.

With a goal of $10,000 in 2017, you raised $15,576 on #GivingTuesday in just 24 hours. Those gifts came back to the profession as scholarships, awards and grants, including our Innovation Grants Program! This year, the NASPA Foundation hopes to raise $15,000 in support of #GivingTuesday to provide future conference scholarships and grants for you to access. We cannot do this without your support! This year, the Foundation has TWO matching gifts toward the support of our Excellence fund and the newly established Social Justice Fund.

With great thanks to Capstone On-Campus Management, we’ll be matching gifts on #GivingTuesday! Your gift of $10 turns into $20. Our goal is to have at least 750 people give $10 each on #GivingTuesday. Captsone will match the first $5,000 raised.

Dr. Mary Jo Gonzales, chair of the Equity, Inclusion, and Social Justice Division at NASPA will personally match the first $5,000 donated in honor of the Social Justice Fund. This fund supports scholarships in attending social justice programming for student affairs professionals. Help us advance this important work during such a critical time.

How Your Gift Makes a Difference 

Hear first-hand how your donations are making an impact for t he lives of college students on campus and today's full-time professionals. 

Funding my SA Future: The Jim Rhatigan Fellowship

Capable Voices: The Photovoice of Students with Disabilities 

Loot Camp and Searching for Scholarships 

Learning How to Best Meet Our Students 

Be a Century Club Member on #GivingTuesday

To honor the 100th anniversary of NASPA, the Foundation created a special giving opportunity for you. The Century Club is a commitment of a $100 to the NASPA Foundation to celebrate the history of NASPA and commit to future successes. This special club is only available leading into the celebration for the 100th Anniversary at the 2019 NASPA Annual Conference. Join today and say thanks to your #SAHero in this unique and special way.  

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Post a few of the sample messages below to your personal social media accounts and follow the backchannel for #SAHero. Be sure to post a video dedication on Facebook or Instagram

  • Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday… #GivingTuesday! Give back, by donating to the NASPA Foundation on Tue., Nov 27 in honor of fellow student affairs friends, colleagues and mentors. Who is your #SAHero?
  • The NASPA Foundation encourages you to participate in #GivingTuesday by donating in honor of someone who has inspired you! A special #NASPAgives donor is matching $10 per participant, so donate on Nov 27 and give back to student affairs!
  •  One day only – your $10 contribution to the NASPA Foundation will be matched on behalf of #NASPAgives on #GivingTuesday. Donate in honor of someone who has inspired you. #SAHero
  • Who inspires you? Give in honor of your #SApro inspiration for #GivingTuesday and share your story. #SAHero @NASPAGives
  • #GivingTuesday is a global movemebt where anyone, anywhere can make a difference! I did by giving to the NASPA Foundation and supporting our future. #SAHero
  • Inspired by a fellow #SApro friend, colleague, or mentor? Give in their honor. #NASPAgives on #GivingTuesday. #SAHero @NASPAGives
  • Turn your $10 donation into $20 today only! #NASPAgives on #GivingTuesday in honor of #studentaffairs professionals. #SAHero @NASPAGives