Abbygail Langham, Ph.D.

Immediate Past-Director, NASPA-AL

Director, Assessment & Strategic Planning
Auburn University Main Campus

Term Ends

Dr. Abbygail Langham (Abby) is the Immediate Past Chair of NASPA-AL. She received the 2020 NASPA-AL Region III Outstanding Service Award. Her work on the NASPA-AL Board of Directors also includes having served as Chair, Chair-Elect, and as a Member-at-Large.  She regularly presents at the NASPA-AL Drive-In Conference, including presenting at the former NASPA-AL New Professionals Institute, and at other state, regional, and national-level higher education conferences. Dr. Langham is the inaugural Director of Assessment & Strategic Planning for Student Affairs at Auburn University, a role that she has held for over 7 years. Dr. Langham leads approximately 300 staff members in over 28 Student Affairs departments in assessing co-curricular student learning and program outcomes. In this role, she facilitates the Division in all assessment and strategic planning efforts. Her work leading AU Student Affairs towards establishing a “Culture of Evidence” (Spurlock & Johnston, 2012) includes continuously finding creative ways to build a common assessment dialogue among staff members while also strengthening staff members’ assessment capacities. In addition, Dr. Langham serves as an adjunct professor with graduate faculty status in Auburn University’s Administration of Higher Education program within the College of Education. Dr. Langham came to the field of student affairs after working as an institutional researcher at the same institution where she completed her Ph.D. in Educational Leadership, the University of Alabama at Birmingham. A higher education professional since 2006, Dr. Langham has also worked at the University of Pennsylvania’s Penn Center for Educational Leadership and Auburn University’s Economic and Community Development Institute and Department of Political Science. Dr. Langham received both her undergraduate degree in History and her Master’s degree in Public Administration from Auburn University.