Dr. Charbel Tarraf


Associate Dean of Student Affairs
American University of Beirut

Term Ends

I serve as Associate Dean of Student Affairs at the American University of Beirut (AUB) since April 2011. I have substantial international experience, having worked/studied in Lebanon, Germany, USA, Canada, Malta, and Saudi Arabia. In my current position, I work as a part of a team with oversight responsibilities for a wide range of activities that concern student life at the university. These activities include residence life and university student housing; work-study programs, career placement and advancement; sports, counseling, and student activities. Furthermore, I provide administrative oversight in the running of the broad range of units in the development of the student affairs strategic plan and maintain up-to-date performance evaluations of the services and programs offered to students.

In addition, I served on several committees that impacted student’s academic and non-academic life on campus. Provided consultation services on student affairs to universities in the gulf region and Sudan. I've conducted several workshops on student leadership for student affairs personnel in the gulf region. Before my appointment as associate dean, I served as a lecturer and academic adviser for Biology students at AUB. I also served as Vice Dean for Academic Affairs at Al-Mana College of Health Sciences in al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia. In addition, I was an active and contributing member of the “Mediterranean Program for Human Rights and Democratization” at the University of Malta as well as a member of the Board of Partners of this European Union funded initiative. I was also a part-time lecturer in that program on the role of civil society in the promotion of human rights and democratization in the region. I have participated in several regional and international conferences on student affairs and I am a member in NASPA and in the International Association of Student Affairs and Services.