Heather Brake

KC Collaborations Team Lead, SLP KC; Advancement Co-chair, WISA KC

Director of Student Conduct
Arkansas State University-Main Campus

Heather M. Brakeall, M.A. has served in her role in Student Involvement, a Student Affairs unit at Southern Illinois University (SIU) Carbondale, since 2014.  She previously served as Area Coordinator in residence life at Southeast Missouri State University (SEMO). Ms. Brake earned her master's degree in higher education/higher education administration in 2010 from SEMO and holds a bachelor's degree in recreation studies.

Ms. Brake currently oversees student involvement on SIU's Carbondale campus which includes over 400 registered student organizations. Her work related to the co-curricular résumé is a result of her joint Assessment Fellow project with Dr. Barnett which focuses on making advancements in how SIU recognizes co-curricular learning and how evidence of that learning might be conveyed in ways that provide institutional data and student documentation. In her current role, she works to not only create co-curricular learning opportunities, but to identify, demonstrate, and assess specific learning outcomes. Heather also serves on SIU's Co-Curricular Assessment Committee (CCAC) and Campus-Wide Assessment Committee (CWAC) which includes a select group of faculty and staff charged with improving campus assessment of both classroom and out-of-classroom learning.