Jasmine Ramon

Advocate for Multiracial and Transracial Identity Group
Northeastern University

Born in Newburgh, NY, Jasmine is the Student Services Coordinator of the Latinx Student Cultural Center at Northeastern University. She began in May 2018 after completing her Master’s degree in Sociology from Northeastern. During her time as a graduate student, she worked at the Social Justice Resource Center. A proud Haitian-Puerto Rican,  her research focuses on identity formation and representation of racially and ethnically mixed individuals. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies from Alfred University in western New York.

In her current position, Jasmine oversees Latinx student organizations and an identity-based leadership program. This gives her the opportunity to interact with students and teach them about leadership that requires an understanding of identity, diversity and social justice. Jasmine is excited to build effective leaders through learning how to communicate across difference, in order to create an empowered community.