Lindelle Fraser

Webinar Coordinator of the CLDE KC

Coordinator for Graduate Student Support Services
Arkansas Tech University

Lindelle Fraserall is the Assistant to the Vice President of Student Services at Arkansas Tech University (ATU) in Russellville, Arkansas. In this position, she supports strategic initiatives for the Division of Student Services. Her recent projects include steering strategic planning efforts for the division, establishing town and gown relations with the City of Russellville via the International Town and Gown Association (ITGA), and developing a standardized, division-wide onboarding process. In addition to her work in Student Services, Lindelle has served the ATU Staff Senate in roles of secretary and president. She is also a current board member for the Green & Gold Cupboard, a food pantry that supports members of the ATU family experiencing food insecurity. Lindelle has been a member with NASPA since 2016 and joined the CLDE KC this summer. She is also a member of the inaugural NASPA Region IV-West SERVE Academy.