Natalie S. Burke

President & CEO
CommonHealth ACTION

As an advisor to institutional executives; government and philanthropic leaders; communities aspiring to change, and everyone in between—Natalie S. Burke guides people and organizations to solutions, plans, and common language necessary to succeed and make the world a more equitable and healthy place.  As a strategist she focuses on strengthening the connective tissue that forms those organizations (i.e., people in relationship).  That understanding guides her work with leaders across sectors who seek to innovate through will-building and perspective transformation. 

Currently, Natalie is President & CEO of CommonHealth ACTION, a national public health organization based in Washington, DC.  She serves as co-director for the Robert Wood Johnson funded Culture of Health Leaders National Program Center and she directs the Baltimore-based, Kaiser Permanente Institute for Equitable Leadership.  In addition, she serves on the Equity Advisory Group for the Institute for Healthcare Improvement.  Since the mid-90s, she has held leadership positions focused on creating opportunities for health through community, organizational, and systemic change.

A graduate of the University of Maryland with a degree in Government and Politics, Natalie has participated in the Emerging Leaders in Public Health Fellowship (hosted by the University of North Carolina’s Schools of Business and Public Health) and New York University’s Robert F. Wagner School of Public Service Lead the Way Fellowship for entrepreneurial leaders in the nonprofit sector.

Committed to the health of all people, Natalie views health as a production of society in which we all play important roles. In addition to genetics and personal behaviors, she believes that the nation’s health reflects the complex interactions among systems and factors such as education, employment, environmental conditions, structural racism, access to technology, housing, transportation, and access to health care.