Rebecca D. Comage

Advocate for Black/African/African American Identity Group
Salem State University

Rebecca D. Comage is currently the Interim Chief Diversity Officer of Inclusive Excellence. Rebeccas received her Masters of Education with a specialization in Higher Education Administration from Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, Tennessee in 2009.  She served as the inaugural Assistant Director for Diversity Education & Inclusive Community Building within the Office of Student Involvement at the University of Kentucky for several years before being promoted to provide leadership to the Dr. Martin Luther King Cultural Center. In 2013, Comage was appointed as the inaugural director of diversity and multicultural affairs at Salem State University.  The office currently provides programs and services that support marginalized students, and works collaboratively with the campus community to cultivate efforts that directly challenge oppression or the disparate treatment of all SSU community members. Within her portfolio Comage also oversees the Center for Diversity and Cultural Enrichment and co-chairs the President’s Advisory Committee on Diversity. Comage has also served as a visiting instructor in the School of Education for the last three years, and taught courses on Multicultural Issues in Education.  In addition to her work on campus, Comage also serves as an active member of the City of Salem’s No Place for Hate Committee.