The vision of the Journal of Student Affairs Research and Practice (JSARP) is to publish the most rigorous, relevant, and well-respected research and practice making a difference in student affairs practice. JSARP especially encourages manuscripts that are unconventional in nature and that engage in methodological and epistemological extensions that transcend the boundaries of traditional research inquiries.


  • Publish and make accessible the highest quality articles on research and practice in the student affairs field.
  • Expose the NASPA membership and JSARP readers to unique commentary and scholarship from multiple methodological forms and perspectives.
  • Support and encourage scholarly contributions from a wide variety of theoretical and conceptual frameworks.
  • Build and extend the literature and knowledge of the student affairs field.
  • Encourage and engage open and critical discourse within and across disciplines from the perspective of student affairs in higher education.

Encourage research and scholarly writing by faculty, administrators, and students through editorial feedback and development of current and future authors.