NASPA Board of Directors

The NASPA Board of Directors is crucial in establishing the association’s strategic goals and ensuring that they are being achieved. The Executive Committee and Regional Directors are elected by the membership and other Board members are appointed by the Board Chair-Elect.  New Board members begin their term at the NASPA Annual Business Meeting in March at the NASPA Annual Conference.

Executive Committee

  • Penny Rue
    NASPA Board Chair
    Vice President for Campus Life, Wake Forest University

    phone (336) 758-5943

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  • Denzil Suite
    NASPA Board Chair-Elect
    Vice President for Student Life, University of Washington

    phone (206) 543-4972

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  • Deb Moriarty
    NASPA Past Board Chair
    Vice President for Student Affairs, Towson University

    phone (410) 704-2055

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  • Kevin Kruger
    NASPA President

    phone (202) 265-7500 x1168

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Board Members

  • Jennifer DeBurro
    Region I Director
    Jennifer DeBurro
    Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs, University of New England

    email[email protected]

    phone(207) 602-2372

  • Michael Christakis
    Region II Director
    Michael Christakis
    Vice President for Student Affairs, University at Albany, SUNY

    email[email protected]

    phone(518) 956-8140

  • Helen Grace Ryan
    Region III Director
    Helen Grace Ryan
    Vice President for Student Affairs, Bellarmine University

    email[email protected]

    phone(502) 272-8304

  • Julie Payne-Kirchmeier
    Region IV-East Director
    Julie Payne-Kirchmeier
    Associate Vice President and Chief of Staff, Northwestern University

    email[email protected]

    phone(847) 467-2779

  • Shana Warkentine Meyer
    Region IV-West Director
    Shana Warkentine Meyer
    Vice President for Student Affairs, Missouri Western State University

    email[email protected]

    phone(816) 271-5609

  • Scott McAward
    Region V Director
    Scott McAward
    Director, Center for Disability & Access, University of Utah

    email[email protected]

    phone(801) 585-6148

  • Kandy Mink Salas
    Region VI Director
    Kandy Mink Salas
    Program Director, College Counseling and Student Development, Azusa Pacific University

    email[email protected]

    phone(626) 815-6000

  • Kimberly Lowry
    Community Colleges Division Director
    Kimberly Lowry
    Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Engagement and Success, Houston Community College

    email[email protected]

    phone(713) 718-5041

  • Mary Jo Gonzales
    Equity, Inclusion, and Social Justice Division Director
    Mary Jo Gonzales
    Vice President of Student Affairs, Washington State University

    email[email protected]

    phone(509) 335-2355

  • Tracy Tambascia
    Faculty Council Director
    Tracy Tambascia
    Professor of Clinical Education, Rossier School of Education, University of Southern California

    email[email protected]

    phone(213) 740-9747

  • Ellen Meents-DeCaigny
    Knowledge Communities Director
    Ellen Meents-DeCaigny
    Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs, DePaul University

    email[email protected]

    phone(312) 362-7298

  • John Hoffman
    Professional Standards Division Director
    John Hoffman
    Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs, University of Minnesota Crookston

    email[email protected]

  • Lawrence P. Ward
    Public Policy Division Director
    Lawrence P. Ward
    Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students, Babson College

    email[email protected]

    phone(781) 239-5346

  • Trina Dobberstein
    Small Colleges and Universities Division Director
    Trina Dobberstein
    Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students, Baldwin Wallace University

    email[email protected]

    phone(440) 826-2775

  • William Franklin
    Member at Large
    William Franklin
    Vice President for Student Affairs, California State University, Dominguez Hills

    email[email protected]

    phone(310) 243-3784

  • Anna Gonzalez
    Member at Large
    Anna Gonzalez
    Vice President for Student Affairs & Dean of Students, Harvey Mudd College

    email[email protected]

    phone(909) 621-8125

  • Jason Pina
    2019 NASPA Annual Conference Chair
    Jason Pina
    Vice President for Student Affairs, Ohio University

    email[email protected]

    phone(740) 593-2580

  • Bette Simmons
    NASPA Foundation Board Chair
    Bette Simmons
    Vice President of Student Development & Enrollment Management, County College of Morris

    email[email protected]

    phone(973) 328-5171

Past Board Chairs & Presidents

2017-18   Deb Moriarty
2016-17   Lori S. White
2015-16   Frank Lamas
2014-15   Patricia A. Whitely
2013-14   Laura Wankel
2012-13   Levester Johnson
2011-12   Patricia Telles-Irvin
2010-11   Elizabeth Griego
2009-10   Mike Segawa
2008-09   Diana Doyle
2007-08   Jan Walbert
2006-07   Barbara Jones
2005-06   Kurt Keppler
2004-05   Peg L. Blake
2003-04   Karen L. Pennington
2002-03   Michael Jackson
2001-02   Theresa A. Powell
2000-01   Shannon Ellis
1999-00   Doris Ching
1998-99   Cheryl (Cherry) M. Callahan
1997-98   Jack Warner
1996-97   Suzanne E. Gordon
1995-96   Jon C. Dalton
1994-95   James E. Scott
1993-94   Paula M. Rooney
1992-93   Joan Claar
1991-92   Dennis C. Golden
1990-91   Marsha Duncan
1989-90   Dudley Woodard
1988-89   Thomas Goodale
1987-88   Larry Ebbers
1986-87   Judith M. Chambers
1985-86   Bob E. Leach
1984-85   Richard J. Correnti
1983-84   Edward H. Hammond
1982-83   R. Mikell O'Donnell
1981-82   E.T. "Joe" Buchanan
1980-81   Lyle A. Gohn
1979-80   George W. Young
1978-79   Donald V. Adams
1977-78   Arthur Sandeen
1976-77   Alice R. Manicur
1975-76   James J. Rhatigan
1974-75   James R. Appleton
1973-74   John L. Blackburn
1972-73   Thomas B. Dutton
1971-72   Chester E. Peters
1970-71   Earl W. Clifford
1969-70   Mark W. Smith

1968-69   O.D. Roberts
1967-68   Carl W. Knox
1966-67   Edmund G. Williamson
1965-66   Glen T. Nygreen
1964-65   Victor R. Yanitelli
1963-64   James McLeod
1962-63   J.C. Clevenger
1961-62   Fred J. Weaver
1960-61   William S. Guthrie
1959-60   H. Donald Winbigler
1958-59   Fred H. Turner
1957-58   Donald M. Dushane
1956-57   Frank C. Baldwin
1955-56   John H. Hocutt
1954-55   John H. Stibbs
1953-54   Robert M. Strozier
1952-53   Victor F. Spathelf
1951-52   A. Blair Knapp
1950-51   Wesley P. Lloyd
1949-50   L.K. Neidlinger
1948-49   J.H. Newman
1947-48   E.L. Cloyd
1946-47   Arno Nowotny
1944-46   Earl J. Miller
1943-44   J.H. Julian
1942-43   Joseph A. Park
1941-42   L.S. Corbett
1940-41   J.J. Thompson
1939-40   J.F. Findlay
1937-39   D.H. Gardner
1936-37   Dabney S. Lancaster
1935-36   William E. Alderman
1934-35   B.A. Tolbert
1933-34   H.E. Lobdell
1932-33   C.E. Edmonson
1931-32   W.I. Moore
1930-31   W.L. Sanders
1929-30   J.W. Armstrong
1928-29   G.B. Culver
1927-28   Scott H. Goodnight
1926-27   Floyd Field
1925-26   C.R. Melcher
1924-25   Robert Rienow
1923-24   J.A. Bursley
1922-23   Stanley Coulter
1921-22   Edward E. Nicholson
1920-21   Thomas A. Clark
1919-20   Scott H. Goodnight