NASPA’s institutional members come from all 50 states and over 20 countries around the globe. A NASPA institutional membership demonstrates commitment to the advancement of the student affairs profession. Whether you’re a community college, a 4 year institution, a graduate or professional school, or an institution outside of the U.S., membership awards your campus with access to the largest network of student affairs professionals in the world.

Institutional members receive a complimentary individual membership for their Voting Delegate, usually the most senior student affairs officer on campus. Additionally, institutional membership subsidizes individual membership to NASPA for your entire campus community.

  • For 4-year institutions, institutional dues are calculated based on your full time equivalent enrollment and annual education and general fund expenditures as reported on the US Department of Education’s IPEDS data. Joining NASPA as an institutional member sends an important message to your staff and students that you are joining together with others to ensure a vital future for student affairs.
  • For community colleges, institutional dues are calculated based on your full-time equivalent enrollment as reported to the U.S. Departmen of Education's IPEDS data.
  • For non-U.S. institutions, institutional dues are set at a flate rate.

Joining NASPA as an institutional member sends an important message to your staff and students that you are committed to the sustainability of the student affairs profession and the higher education community.

As the leading voice for the student affairs profession worldwide, NASPA is your principal source for leadership, scholarship, professional development, research, and advocacy in student affairs.

Institutional Member Benefits

  • Subsidized individual NASPA membership for entire campus community
  • Complimentary individual membership for Voting Delegate (The most senior student affairs officer on campus.) 
  • Host a BACCHUS Chapter
  • Special benefits for the Voting Delegate:
    • Complimentary copies of select new NASPA publications 
    • Access to research findings, such as our Chief Student Affairs Officer Census reports and RPI's Legal Links briefs
    • Access to our scholarly journals and a subscription to Leadership Exchange magazine
    • Discounted registration on regional and national conferences, workshops, and institutes
    • Leadership opportunities in NASPA’s regions, divisions, and knowledge communities
  • And much more! View the full list of NASPA membership benefits.
Member Type Price
Four Year Institution
Four year colleges, universities, and schools in the United States. Dues are based on full-time equivalent enrollment and annual expenditures. Comes with complimentary membership for the Voting Delegate.
$327 - $1,955

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Community College
Community colleges based in the United States. Dues are based on full time equivalent enrollment. Comes with complimentary membership for the Voting Delegate.
$408 - $1,306

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Non-U.S. Institution
Colleges, universities, and schools located outside the United States. Comes with complimentary membership for the Voting Delegate, as well as three complimentary Professional Affiliate memberships.

Institutional Membership Upgrades

Institutional Live Briefings Subscription - $249
  • Free access to 4 live briefings in the 2016-2017 academic year (beginning upon upgrade purchase and ending June 30, 2017)
  • Voting Delegate will be able to select from the archived Live Briefing Catalog or from the upcoming calendar
  • All four selections must be made via email request by June 30, 2017 and can only include briefings occurring prior to June 30, 2017
  • Access will be granted to and information will be sent to the Voting Delegate
  • Reminder emails will be sent every other month to notify Voting Delegate of upcoming calendar of events and notify them of the remaining number of selections available
Be a Professional Development Booster - $249
  • Provides the campus a discount code that can be used by any staff member who is also a NASPA member in good standing
  • Provides 15% off the standard registration price for OnDemand, Live Briefings, Short Courses, and Knowledge Community Modules
  • Code can be used over and over again until June 30, 2017
  • Voting Delegate will receive the code and list of current members.
Member Type Price

You will be given the option to purchase an institutional membership upgrade during checkout as you create/renew your NASPA institutional membership. If you would like to add an upgrade on to an existing membership, please contact us at 202-265-7500

Institutional Live Briefings Subscription

Access to 4 Live Briefings through the 2016-2017 academic year that you and your staff can attend.

Professional Development Booster

In addition to providing your staff with a discount to NASPA membership, you can also support their ongoing professional development by providing them with an annual discount card of 15% to NASPA online professional development opportunities.