Professionals & Faculty

NASPA has tailored benefits exclusively for you, professionals and faculty working in the field of student affairs. Membership connects you to our network of over 15,000 members at over 2,100 campuses in all fifty states and countries across the globe, all with a commitment to personal and professional development for both you and the students you serve. 

Professional & Faculty Member Benefits

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Click the "Join" button to enter the NASPA membership join process. You will be asked a series of questions to determine which of the membership types below is most appropriate for you. **



Member TypePrice
Professional Affiliate
Student affairs administrators or staff members at NASPA member institutions in the United States.
International Affiliate

Student affairs and/or higher education administrators or staff at non-US higher education institutions around the globe.

Associate Affiliate
Student affairs administrators at non-member colleges or university campuses around the globe. Professional staff members of educationally related groups who are employed by postsecondary institutions that are not eligible for membership.
Faculty Affiliate
Full time teaching faculty at NASPA (member or non-member) institutions across the globe.
Emeritus Affiliate
Former voting delegates, professional affiliates, faculty affiliates, or associate affiliates who are officially designated as retired and who are no longer employed full-time in higher education.
Professionals & Faculty in Transition
NASPA’s Transitional Membership is designed to bridge a gap for student affairs professionals who wish to stay connected to the Association while searching for their next opportunity following a job loss. In recognition of the significant impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the student affairs profession, the transitional membership is now available to both renewing and brand new members, as well as recent graduate students who have not yet found employment in student affairs, for one annual join or renewal. To access the transitional membership, please click here


For an additional $90, any membership can be upgraded to include:


Member TypePrice
Individual Membership Upgrade

You will be given the option to purchase an individual membership upgrade during checkout as you create/renew your NASPA individual membership. If you would like to add an upgrade on to an existing membership, please contact us at 202-265-7500.


**Individual NASPA memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable.