Whether you're an undergraduate student just starting to think about a career in student affairs or you're in your final year of a doctoral degree, NASPA offers a range of affordable membership options that will you help you on your way to becoming a student affairs professional.

As a student member, you are enabling yourself to gain skills, knowledge, and experience outside the classroom, make important connections with professionals in your region, and get access to key resources that will help you build the career you want.

Student Member Benefits

View NASPA member benefits for other member types.


Click the "Join" button to enter the NASPA membership join process. You will be asked a series of questions to determine which of the student membership types below is most appropriate for you.



Member TypePrice
Undergraduate Student Affiliate
Undergraduate students considering a career in student affairs. 
Graduate Student Affiliate
Students who are studying student affairs and are not full time employees of any institution.
NASPA Undergraduate Fellows Program
A semi-structured mentoring program for historically disenfranchised and underrepresented undergraduate students wishing to explore and better understand the field of student affairs and/or higher education. Learn More about NUFP.
Recently Graduated Students in Transition
NASPA’s Transitional Membership is designed to bridge a gap for student affairs professionals who wish to stay connected to the Association while searching for their next opportunity following a job loss. In recognition of the significant impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the student affairs profession, the transitional membership is now available to both renewing and brand new members, as well as recent graduate students who have not yet found employment in student affairs, for one annual join or renewal. To access the transitional membership, please click here


For an additional $90, any membership can be upgraded, gaining $395 worth of benefits, including:

Member TypePrice
Student Membership Upgrade

You will be given the option to purchase an individual membership upgrade during checkout as you create/renew your NASPA individual membership. If you would like to add an upgrade on to an existing membership, please contact us at 202-265-7500.