Region I: Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Award

Region I
Application Deadline: August 4, 2023 | Award Type: regional

NASPA membership is required for this nominee.

The Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Award acknowledges an individual, member institution or program that embraces “the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to create learning environments that are enriched with diverse views and people.” The recipient also helps to “create an institutional ethos that accepts and celebrates differences among people, helping to free them of any misconceptions and prejudices.”

The regional winner of this category will also be forwarded to the NASPA national office for consideration for recognition at the national level.

Required Criterion:

  • Strong and sustained record of professional and/or civic involvement in activities that promote diversity, and inclusion in education and/or the community
  • Actively engaged in advocating for, and advancing, diversity and inclusion in the profession through one’s administrative and/or academic work
  • Reputation for taking a stand on critical issues related to diversity, and inclusion even at risk to one’s reputation and vocation
  • An individual whose work has “broken barriers” and in so doing has served as a role model, and helped to facilitate employment and educational access and opportunity, for others from diverse backgrounds
  • Active NASPA membership

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