Region II Scott Goodnight Award for Outstanding Performance as a Dean

Region II VP for Student Affairs
Application Deadline: April 17, 2023 | Award Type: regional


STEP 1: Write a letter of nomination.

STEP 2: Collect a minimum of one (1) - maximum of three (3) - letters of support and a copy of the nominee's resume.

STEP 3: The person coordinating the nomination should gather the nomination materials and then go online to submit. You must upload all of the information at the same time.

STEP 4: Submit the nomination!

Each year NASPA recognizes outstanding members by honoring individual professionals with regional awards. To continue with this tradition, please consider nominating one of your Region II colleagues.

This award is conferred upon a professional who has served as a Senior Student Affairs Officer for more than 15 years and has made exemplary contributions to the student affairs profession. This award honors NASPA's founding Board Chair (1919-1920). The recipient of this award has demonstrated sustained professional achievement in student affairs work, innovative response in meeting students' varied and emerging needs, effectiveness in developing staff, and leadership in community and college or university affairs. The award recipient must have also earned stature among and support of students, faculty, and fellow adminstrators on campus, and made significant contributions to the field through publications or involvement in professional associations.

Award Requirements

  • Sustained professional service as a Senior Student Affairs Officer. Serves as home institution’s Chief Student Affairs Officer.
  • High-level competency in administrative skills
  • Merited respect and support of students, faculty, and fellow administrators on his/her own campus
  • Innovative response in meeting varied and emerging needs of students
  • Effectiveness in the development of junior staff members
  • Significant contributions to the field through publications or professional involvement
  • Leadership in community and university affairs
  • Must be a current member of NASPA Region II and hold an active individual NASPA membership


Questions? Contact Ashley Lemon, Awards Chair, at [email protected].

*Dean refers to any title that denotes the lead student affairs officer on campus

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