Region IV-East Outstanding Mid-Level Student Affairs Professional

Region IV-E Mid-Level
Application Deadline: August 17, 2020 | Award Type: regional

This award is presented to a student affairs professional at a college or university within Region IV-East with a minimum of 5 years’ experience and recognizes individuals who demonstrate outstanding commitment to the profession who have also contributed to programs that address the needs of students. Recipients must be experienced in creating campus environments that promote student learning & personal development. Each state/province within Region IV-East will have a recipient for the Outstanding Mid-Level Student Affairs Professional award.

Winners will be notified in Septemberand the presentation of the awards will be in a virtual format in October/November 2020.

In addition to the regional recognition that accompanies this award, the recipient will also be considered for the National NASPA Doris Michiko Ching Award for Excellence as a Student Affairs Professional.


(Bolded bullets are required, while non-bolded bullets are preferred)

  • NASPA membership is required for this nominee
  • Outstanding commitment to the profession demonstrated by at least 5 years of volunteer service to NASPA via progressive leadership roles at the state, regional, national or international levels;
  • Professional responsibility for the direction, oversight, and/or supervision of one or more student affairs functional areas, and/or one or more professional staff members;
  • Contributions to programs that address the needs of students with a record of three to four illustrations of innovative programming that has had an impact on the home campus environment in one or more functional areas of student affairs;
  • Current NASPA member within Region IV-East, and
  • Experience creating campus environments that promote student learning and personal development.



Colette M. Masterson, Ph.D., Awards & Exemplary Programs Chair 


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