Ruth Strang Research Award

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Award Type: division groups

The Ruth Strang Research Award recognizes a NASPA member for their outstanding contributions to the body of knowledge about womxn and gender in higher education. Submissions could be based upon published or unpublished articles, academic papers, books/monographs, or other scholarly contributions that demonstrate excellence and address topics that advance the understanding of womxn and gender in higher education. The Center for Women welcomes non-traditional scholarship submissions that contribute to the body of knowledge about women and gender in the academy.

Application materials:

  • A nomination that includes, not to exceed two (2) pages: 

    • Title of the submission

    • Nature of the scholarship

    • Significance of the scholarship to advancing the understanding of womxn and gender in higher education

    • What is novel/new/innovative about the research

    • Implications for future practice, policy, and/or research

  • Summary of scholarly contribution which includes:

    • Purpose of the scholarship - one paragraph

    • Brief review of the theory/literature informing the scholarship - no more than 1 page

    • Description of method(s) used - one paragraph 

    • Overview and discussion of findings/outcomes -one page

    • Conclusion -  one paragraph

  • List of references (following the APA Publication Manual, 7th edition)

  • Please include a link to the full text of the submission

Entrants must be:

  • Current members of NASPA;
  • Currently enrolled undergraduate, graduate and post-doctoral students, college faculty, or professionals working in student affairs or related fields.


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