SRHE KC Outstanding Research Award

Spirituality and Religion in Higher Education
Application Deadline: October 6, 2023 | Award Type: knowledge community

A NASPA Community Award

The Spirituality and Religion in Higher Education Outstanding Research Award recognizes the work of an outstanding researcher or research team in their efforts to understand and equip Student Affairs professionals with the knowledge and skills to navigate religious, secular, and spiritual identities in higher education. As Kocet and Stewart state, “As professionals dedicated to holistic development, student affairs professionals need to be able to work with students along the paths (both individualized and communal) they use to find purpose and meaning in life.” (Kocet & Stewart, 2011) Therefore, increasingly innovative, complex, and practical research must be conducted to feed back into student affairs practice. This award honors research that provides promising practices and insights about religion, secularism, and/or spirituality in higher education.

Individuals seeking this grant should demonstrate how their research aligns with the mission of the SRHE KC and/or improves the understanding of religious, spiritual, and secular identities in higher education. Nominations for the award must provide evidence for why the individual should be considered. Research must be completed by the time of submission. A brief description of the research goals, intended purposes of the research, existing documented research (blog posts, presentations, poster sessions, publications, etc.), as well as optional letters of support will be used to nominate individual or labs for this award. Self-nominations will be accepted.

Recipients of this award will be recognized at a SRHE KC open meeting held during or near the time of the annual NASPA conference.

Award recipients agree to share findings with the Knowledge Community within one year of awarding (i.e., KC newsletter or blog article, sponsored webinar, open meeting).


  • Recipient must be a member of NASPA
  • Evidence for why the nominee should be considered
  • Supplemental documents may include letters of recommendation/support, institutional reports, websites, newsletters, etc.

If you have any questions please email the Awards Coordinator.

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