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Announcing New JWG Co-Editors!

Gender and Sexuality Womxn in Student Affairs
May 30, 2023

JWG is proud to announce the appointment of two new Co-Editors, Laura Parson and Natasha Croom who will join Jeni Hart on the Editorial Team. The addition of a third Co-Editor is a welcome change to JWG's Editorial Team, as the journal has experienced a significant increase in submissions. 

Laura and Natasha's 3-year terms as Co-Editors began at the NASPA conference in early April 2023, as the term of Margaret Sallee, former Co-EIC, ended at that time. The journal is very grateful to Margaret for her illustrious (10+ years!) service to JWG and plans to honor her at a virtual meeting in in June. 

Laura and Natasha's biographies follow: 

Dr. Natasha N. Croom is Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs in the Graduate School and Associate Professor of Higher Education and Student Affairs in the College of Education at Clemson University. As a critical race feminist scholar-practitioner, Dr. Croom is committed to identifying and disrupting interlocking systems of oppression that manifest within and are reinforced by institutions of higher education. Through use of critical qualitative methodologies and methods, she centers the experiences of womyn of color faculty and students to uncover how racism, sexism, classism, and other interlocking systems of oppression and privilege manifest in and create barriers to thriving and success in higher education environments. Through her praxis, Dr. Croom strives to work in and with communities to support the creation of practices and policies constructed from equity-based ideologies.

She is co-editor of Envisioning Critical Race Praxis in Higher Education through Counter-StorytellingEnvisioning Critical Race Praxis in K-12 Education through Counter-Storytelling, Critical Perspectives on Black Women in College, and the first special issue of the NASPA Journal About Women in Higher Education entitled Centering the Diverse Experiences of Black Women Undergraduates. In 2015, she was named as an Emerging Scholar by ACPA – College Student Educators International. Regarding NASPA, Dr. Croom is a former NUFP participant and since joining NASPA in 2003 has served on five annual conference committees; served as a NUFP Dungy Leadership Institute faculty member, an on-site Institute coordinator, and on the NUFP Board; been active in the African American Knowledge Community, including serving as the inaugural Faculty in Residence, as well as the Assessment, Evaluation, and Research KC and the Student Affairs Partnering with Academic Affairs KC; and served yearly as a conference proposal and grant reviewer, scholarly papers discussant, and annual conference site volunteer.

Laura Parson, PhD is an Assistant Professor of Educational and Organizational Leadership. Her Ph.D. is in Teaching & Learning, Higher Education from the University of North Dakota. She is the co-editor of a four-volume edited series titled Teaching and Learning for Social Justice and Equity in Education, the first volume was published in 2020, the second and third in 2021, and the fourth in 2022. Laura’s research seeks to identify where and how institutional disjunctures occur in higher education for women and members of minoritized groups. She is a qualitative methodologist, with a focus on ethnographic and discourse methods of inquiry.