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Learning More About The Multiracial and Transracial Adoptee Identity: A List of Resources

Transracial Adoptee and Multiracial
August 6, 2018

August marks the beginning of a new academic year for many of us, and it may inspire you to learn something new or continue to educate yourself on a topic. From memoirs to fictional protagonists, look no further for a list of books and other resources around the multiracial and transracial adoptee experience and identity!

  • Alex Laughlin, creator of Other: Mixed Race in America shares resources here that helped her develop the podcast.

  • Join the Mixed Remixed (creators of the Los Angeles festival) Goodreads book club here for great conversation around books about the multiracial experience. Goodreads also has a variety of book lists on biracial, multiracial, transracial adoptee identities and more!

  • Mixed Remix also shares a list of contemporary multiracial memoirs here.

  • Bustle shares a list of books with multiracial protagonists here.

  • Adoptee Reading is a website that shares books written and recommended by adoptees, including transracial adoptees. Check out there website here for a variety of memoirs written by transracial adoptees.

  • Prefer audio? Check out Player FM list of podcasts around multiracial identity here and transracial adoptee identity here.