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SA Weekly: January 14

Civic Engagement Financial Wellness Policy and Advocacy Civic Learning and Democratic Engagement
January 15, 2019 Maya Ward-Fineman NASPA

­Welcome to SA Weekly, your destination for higher ed news, NASPA research and policy, constituent blogs, and more.

Federal Report Agrees Some Low-Income College Students Are Going Hungry “New report says federal agencies should improve public awareness of food assistance programs to help combat hunger among college students.”

Worries Grow About Outsourcing of College Degrees “Proposal to lift cap on college programs offered through unaccredited entities stirs concerns about giving companies back door to federal student aid.”

Small Colleges Grapple With “Culture of Insecurity” “Small-college presidents gathered at annual conference work to adapt to a changing market even as they worry about a range of student issues.”

Unlocking Aid Funds “IRS technical issues have blocked applicants from completing income verification needed to receive federal student aid this month. But new guidance gives aid administrators new alternatives to approve those funds.”

Tax Law’s Effects on Colleges Unfolding “Colleges have more information about complying with the new tax law than they did a year ago. That means new bookkeeping practices, new taxes on highly paid employees and, maybe, eliminating reserved parking spaces.”

Admissions Surge After NYU Med Goes Tuition-Free “Applications from underrepresented minority students double.”

“My Professor Cares” “Can ‘light-touch, targeted feedback’ to students via email improve their perceptions of and performance in a class? New research says in some cases the answer is yes.”

Research & Policy

January 14th NASPA Policy Update by Diana Ali, NASPA Policy Analyst

Resource Guides for Responding to the Department of Education’s Proposed Title IX Rule

Around NASPA

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A Community College’s “Policy Whisperer” Keeps the College in the Political Conversation by Holly Swart, Public Policy Division

Transitioning from a Chinese Advisor to a U.S. Assistant Dean: A Conversation with Judy Li by Ariel Guicheng Tan, Graduate Associate Program