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SA Weekly: June 10

Civic Engagement Policy and Advocacy Assessment, Evaluation, and Research Civic Learning and Democratic Engagement
June 10, 2019 Colin Huband NASPA

Welcome to SA Weekly, your destination for higher ed news, NASPA research and policy, constituent blogs, and more. 

A Gift That Will Keep Giving A pledge to pay off the student loans of the entire graduating class at Morehouse College highlights racial disparities in student debt and turns into a clarion call for black business executives to help.

Battle Lines Drawn on a Student Loan Alternative Senator Elizabeth Warren and congressional Democrats question Trump administration's plans to back income-share agreements -- and demand answers from colleges offering the financing, too.

China Issues Warning to U.S.-Bound Students China’s Ministry of Education on Monday warned students interested in studying in the U.S. about potential difficulties getting visas from the American government. The statement from China’s Ministry of Education comes amid increasing tensions between the U.S. and China over the issue of higher education and in the context of a broader trade war.

The Great Recession's Lingering Impact States continue feeling the Great Recession’s effects a full decade after its end, according to a new brief from the Pew Charitable Trusts, which gives a sobering look at states’ current financial condition and points to significant ramifications for higher education.

Six Figures in Debt for a Master's Degree New data from Education Department put spotlight on high borrowing for some graduate programs. But experts are skeptical more information on students alone will move the needle on enrollment decisions.

Online Is (Increasingly) Local It's trendy to talk about how mega-universities -- high-enrollment institutions with a national footprint, typically online -- are the future of higher education. But assuming that many or most students will choose to enroll in an institution across the country or even in the next state ignores the reality that increasing numbers of online students choose to study close to home.

Should Colleges Reveal How Many Donor Children They Admit? Senator Ron Wyden offers a plan to require colleges to report on those admitted and to bar consideration of donor status in admissions process. Organization of college fund-raisers opposes the bill.

Reorganizing Away the Liberal Arts Nationwide, faculty members are fearful of liberal arts programs dwindling away as many colleges and universities shift spending to programs that are seen as linked directly to careers. At the University of Tulsa, some faculty members say their fears are being realized with major alterations and cuts to the university’s academic programs.

Policy Update

Walking the Walk: NASPA Policy Staff as Constituents on Capitol Hill by Diana Ali and Teri Lyn Hinds, NASPA's Policy Research and Advocacy Team

"Just over a year ago, NASPA held our first Hill Day in recent memory, bringing 45 student affairs professionals, including three NASPA interns, representing 19 states from Alaska to Ohio to Florida, to participate in more than 50 meetings with Congressional Members and their staff on July 17, 2018. Participants in the 2018 NASPA Hill Day braved the steamy streets of DC in mid-summer and gained broader understanding of their role in advocating for students and student affairs at the federal level. As staff who organized the 2018 Hill Days, the excitement of our participants was both infectious and gratifying and we were excited to be able to offer the opportunity again."

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