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SA Weekly: June 3

Civic Engagement Policy and Advocacy Assessment, Evaluation, and Research Civic Learning and Democratic Engagement
June 4, 2019 Matthew Bennett NASPA

Welcome to SA Weekly, your destination for higher ed news, NASPA research and policy, constituent blogs, and more.

How International Education’s Golden Age Lost Its Sheen “Educating global citizens, as many institutions pledge to do, may not play well with the America First crowd. If the past administration championed global outreach, many universities now report regular visits from the FBI, amid fears foreign students could be poaching research secrets.”

Colleges Challenge a Common Protection in Sexual Assault Lawsuits: Anonymity “With the rise of the #MeToo movement, women have become bolder about using their names in retellings of traumatic sexual experiences and in sexual assault cases. But many still fear the stigma that may come with going public.”

Minority, low-income students 'almost exclusively' fueled undergrad enrollment growth “An influx of low-income and students of color has "almost exclusively" driven explosive growth in undergraduate enrollment at U.S. colleges and universities in the past two decades, an analysis from the Pew Research Center found.”

The Nudges That Didn’t Work “A large project sought to determine if information and reminders could change the college-going patterns of high-ability, low-income students. The patterns didn't change.”

Whose Dissertation Is It, Anyway? “Balking at a requirement to upload a copy of his doctoral thesis to an online database run by library services company ProQuest, one student pushes back.”

Wealth’s Influence on Enrollment and Completion “Family wealth is linked to students' odds of enrolling and graduating from college, according to new federal data, as well as the type and selectivity of college they attend.”

ADA Lawsuit Prompts Institutional Change, Draws More Students “Atlantic Cape Community College reformed its accessibility practices after a disability discrimination lawsuit. Now students with disabilities are enrolling in record numbers.”

International Student Well-Being “Research suggests that international students are less likely than domestic students to seek mental health treatment -- or even be aware of the availability of services. Speakers at international education conference discuss the barriers and what advisers can do.”

Policy Update

Online Learning Reconsidered by Jill Dunlap, Director of Research and Practice

“Higher education has long struggled with the concept of online learning and distance education as it has developed and expanded in recent years. Challenges surrounding who is eligible to serve as an online instructor, what constitutes regular and substantive interactions between students and instructors in an online environment, and who provides accreditation for these programs are but a few of the questions facing institutions that provide online programs.”

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