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SA Weekly: March 4

Civic Engagement Policy and Advocacy Assessment, Evaluation, and Research Civic Learning and Democratic Engagement
March 4, 2019 Maya Ward-Fineman NASPA

­Welcome to SA Weekly, your destination for higher ed news, NASPA research and policy, constituent blogs, and more. 

Trump Vows Executive Order on Campus Free Speech “President says he will deny federal research dollars to institutions that do not protect free speech. Higher ed groups question need for a measure. Could Solomon Amendment be a model for Trump?”

Democratic Take on the Higher Education Act “Senate education committee's top Democrat, Patty Murray, says new higher ed law must take comprehensive approach and tackle college affordability.”

Planning for No Deal on Brexit “As the date for the U.K.'s planned withdrawal from the European Union approaches, universities plan for a "no-deal" Brexit while hoping that won't happen.”

A Well-Meaning Job Training Bill That May Hurt More Than Help “It could set off a new wave of exploitation by the same for-profit colleges that have already wasted billions of taxpayer dollars.”

Who Controls Confucius Institutes? “Two new government reports look at questions of Chinese government control over Confucius Institutes hosted by U.S. campuses.”

IT Still Old, White and Male “A survey of higher education IT staff shows little progress toward greater diversity but for the first time sheds light on the sexual orientation and disability status of workers in the sector -- with some surprising results.”

Research & Policy

March 4 NASPA Policy Update by Diana Ali, Assistant Director of Policy, Research and Advocacy

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Helping Your Own: Emergency Aid Programs by Jan Lloyd, LEAD Initiative

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Get Unstuck: Making Power Moves Mid-Career by Rosann Santos, Center for Women