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Thank You to Latino/a Knowledge Community Sponsors

February 17, 2017

The number of Latin@/x students in higher education are projected to continue to increase greatly during the next few years. The Latino/a Knowledge Community (LKC) is committed to supporting the success of those students, most of whom are expected to be first generation and from low socio-economic backgrounds. We believe that it is equally critical that we work together to enhance the experiences of Latin@/x Student Affairs professional and continue to build a pathway for recent Latin@/x graduates and new professionals to be propelled into more leadership positions. The work of NASPA and the LKC is essential in responding effectively to this demographic imperative.

However, in order to execute these goals, we depend on the generosity of our many sponsors! We sought partners who understand the value of these opportunities and who were willing to contribute to the LKC Conference Events at the 2017 conference. Sponsorships assist us in executing the many conference events such as our signature Pre-Conference and Awards Ceremony. We also have plans to expand our 2nd Annual LKC Newcomers Event. Additionally, our sponsors will support the LKC's “Quince”- our 15th year anniversary! Lastly, we've created scholarships for Latin@/x students and new professionals to participate in the LKC Pre-Conference Institute! All of this is possible through the generosity of our sponsors!