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Culture of Respect CORE Blueprint (2nd Ed.)

Culture of Respect CORE Blueprint (2nd Ed.)

Health, Safety, and Well-being Equity, Inclusion and Social Justice Equity, Inclusion, and Social Justice Division Sexual and Relationship Violence Prevention, Education, and Response
February 1, 2017
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Please note: the 2nd Edition of the CORE Blueprint was published in February 2017. Given the changing landscape of Title IX since its publication, please consult Culture of Respect's most recent guidance document, Title IX Guide: Going Above and Beyond Compliance, for the most timely policy information, as well as the CORE Evaluation, 6th Edition, published March 2021. An updated edition of the CORE Blueprint is in development and expected fall 2021. 

The CORE Blueprint is a strategic roadmap to addressing sexual violence on college and university campuses. It offers six pillars that engage all stakeholders in implementing the leading practices to shift campus culture to one free from sexual violence.

With its numerous strategies available for adoption, the CORE Blueprint is prescriptive in its broad strategy but flexible in specific implementation. The CORE Blueprint’s unique combination of approaches can be tailored to fit the specific needs of the diversity of institutions of higher education.

Each of the six pillars is broken down into practical, implementable strategies and guidance to ensure that they are institutionalized fully and correctly. The six pillars provide institutions with a comprehensive, holistic framework to build skills, capacity, and infrastructure around sexual violence prevention.

The CORE Blueprint is designed for use with the Culture of Respect CORE Evaluation, which allows institutions to determine how well their sexual violence prevention and response strategies align with the evidence-based and expert-recommended practices explicated in the CORE Blueprint.