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Latinx/a/os in Higher Education

Latinx/a/os in Higher Education: Exploring Identity, Pathways, and Success

Equity, Inclusion and Social Justice Latinx/a/o Transracial Adoptee and Multiracial Graduate Mid-Level New Professional Undergraduate
January 25, 2018 Dr. Angela Batista Shirley M. Collado David Perez II

Latinx/a/os in Higher Education addresses topics relevant to the experience of Latinx/a/o students and professionals and illustrates key elements that should be considered in the development of varied pathways to their success.

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The Latinx/a/o population is the largest and fastest-growing ethnic group in the United States, yet higher education attainment for this community is among the lowest. Latinx/a/os in Higher Education: Exploring Identity, Pathways, and Success addresses topics relevant to the experience of Latinx/a/o students and professionals and illustrates key elements that should be considered in the development of varied pathways to their success.

This groundbreaking book combines scholarly chapters with personal perspectives from Latinx/a/o students, administrators, and faculty who have navigated cultural differences and institutional politics to overcome barriers. The authors share innovative insights and promising practices for diversifying key leadership positions within the academy and improving outcomes for Latinx/a/o college student success.

Organized in five sections, this edited collection explores a number of critical topics, including:

  • allThe current Latinx/a/o enrollment and success landscapeall
  • Closing the attainment gap for Latinx/a/o students
  • Advocacy and policymaking, with in-depth discussion of legislative policies and institutional practices related to undocumented students
  • Identity, cultural values and norms, gender, and sexuality in the Latinx/a/o community
  • Advancing an anti-deficit achievement framework
  • Developing pathways to access and success for Latinx/a/o students, particularly the role of community colleges and honors programs

As the Latinx/a/o population continues to grow rapidly, the need to develop promising pathways within success-oriented environments for Latinx/a/o students and professionals in higher education is now more important than ever. This indispensable publication will inform and guide student affairs and higher education in advancing the conditions necessary for Latinx/a/o students, faculty, and professionals to thrive.

Praise for Latinx/a/os in Higher Education

“Latinx/a/os in Higher Education is a compelling anthology of insightful narratives depicting the plight and triumphs of an underserved demographic that is increasingly becoming the backbone of America’s workforce. The stories come from the hearts and minds of outstanding practitioners and thinkers whose diverse pathways share a deep sense of commitment to uplifting the educational condition of Hispanics/Latinos/as.” —Antonio R. Flores, President and CEO, Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities

“Batista, Collado, Pérez, and associates have done a tremendous service by filling a major gap in the higher education literature. Through both personal narratives and policy papers, this ground-breaking volume makes visible the challenges and triumphs of Latinx/a/o students, faculty, and administrators as they navigate the professional pathways to educational success. It will undoubtedly inspire the next generation of higher education leaders!” —Beverly Daniel Tatum, President Emerita, Spelman College

“This book provides valuable insights from foremost thought leaders on best practices for expanding opportunities for Latinx/a/o students, faculty, and staff in higher education. Too often we hear language and make assumptions about this population without fully understanding its rich diversity of backgrounds, perspectives, challenges, interests, and strengths.” —Freeman A. Hrabowski III, President, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Latinx/a/os in Higher Education is timely and a much needed resource in providing an important voice to the pathways of success for Latinx/a/o student affairs professionals, faculty, and students. An essential contribution to the field, this compelling culmination of personal narratives supported by research and data provides an authentic view to the lived experiences of Latinx/a/os in higher education.” —Sara Mata, National Science Foundation National Research Traineeship Program Coordinator, University of Oklahoma; cochair, NASPA Latinx/a/o Knowledge Community

“If ever there was a moment in time within higher education for a book that examines the broad experience of Latinx/a/os within the academy, from multiple perspectives and through both personal and professional lenses, this is the moment and this is the book. Una lectura obligada! (A must read!)” —Ellen Heffernan, President, Spelman Johnson

“This impressive collection of contributors highlights the importance of collaborative learning and programming. As the U.S. population becomes more and more diverse, where Latinx/a/os will represent the largest ethnic majority, institutions of higher education need to guarantee campus communities that are inclusive and supportive of everyone. This book offers valuable insight into the importance of including all constituent groups, but especially student voices, in the development of programmatic pathways to success.” —Deborah Bial, President and Founder, The Posse Foundation

Paperback | 2018 | 358 pages

ISBN: 978-0-931654-74-9