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Supervised Practice Book Cover

Supervised Practice: Connecting Professional Competency Areas to Professional Development in Student Affairs

Supporting the Profession New Professionals and Graduate Students Professional Standards Division Faculty Graduate New Professional Undergraduate
August 30, 2021 Danielle M. DeSawal Frank E. Ross III

Supervised practice has become a hallmark of how the field of higher education and student affairs prepares future professionals. This book explores how to create the conditions necessary for supervised practice and the graduate academic curriculum to be a seamless learning experience. With a focus on the ACPA and NASPA professional competency areas as the bedrock for enhancing proficiency in the field, this book is designed to introduce the competency areas, as they relate to supervised practice, in graduate preparation programs. Chapters examine how to design experiences for students in the workplace that align with the ACPA and NASPA professional competency areas; how to create conditions for graduate students to understand the application of theory within the workplace; how to establish an environment that promotes an understanding of the supervisory role as it relates to socializing and retaining new professionals in student affairs; how to create learning partnerships that focus on the intersection of individual development and the acquisition of knowledge and skills for administrative practice; how to develop a professional philosophy of practice in the digital age; and how to assess the professional competency areas within the graduate practicum and employee experiences to ensure learning and development.

Paperback | 2021 | 224 pages

ISBN: 978-1-948213-30-1

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1: The Role of Professional Development
Lori Reesor, Kevin Bailey, and Stan Carpenter

Chapter 2: Designing Experiences Focused on the Professional Competency Areas
Laura Osteen, John L. Hoffman, and Berenecea Johnson Eanes

Chapter 3: Creating Conditions to Discuss Application of Theory and Practice
Danielle DeSawal and Frank E. Ross III

Chapter 4: Professional Identity as a Focus of Professional Development
Maureen E. Wilson and Kerry L.B. Klima

Chapter 5: Learning With and Through Others: Developing Competencies in the Work Setting
Anna M. Ortiz, Jonathan J. O’Brien, and Jill E. Carnaghi

Chapter 6: Developing a Professional Philosophy of Practice in the Digital Age
Jason L. Meriwether and Julie Payne-Kirchmeier

Chapter 7: The Role of Assessment, Evaluation, and Research in Professional Development
Jermaine F. Williams, Michael N. Christakis, Nayeli Lopez, and Clarence L. McNeill


Appendix A: Higher Education and Student Affairs Master’s Graduate Program—Indiana University Application of Scholarship to Practice Assignment

Appendix B: Higher Education and Student Affairs Master’s Graduate Program—Indiana University Professional ePortfolio

The Authors