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The Business of Student Affairs Cover

The Business of Student Affairs: Fundamental Skills for Student Affairs Professionals

Supporting the Profession New Professionals and Graduate Students
August 30, 2021 Larry Moneta L&J Consulting

This book is a primer on the fundamental business-related aspects of student affairs that all practitioners need to know. Drawing on his 46-year career in higher education, the author presents critical skill sets to better equip student affairs practitioners-educators to analyze circumstances, alter environments, invest in structures and programs, and lead campus progress. Topics include financing and budgeting; organizational design; human resources; facilities management; technology; auxiliary operations; legal issues and risk management; crisis management; strategic planning; and communications. Key takeaways in each chapter provide further guidance to achieve success in the field.

Paperback | 2021 | 172 pages

ISBN: 978-1-948213-34-9

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Student Affairs Financing and Budgeting

Chapter 2: Organizational Design and Models

Chapter 3: Human Resources

Chapter 4: Real Estate and Facilities Management

Chapter 5: Technology

Chapter 6: Auxiliary and Other Operations

Chapter 7: Legal Issues and Risk Management

Chapter 8: Crisis Response and Management

Chapter 9: Strategic Planning, Assessment, and a Culture of Evidence

Chapter 10: Communications

Chapter 11: Student Affairs: An Uncertain Future

The Author


Praise for The Business of Student Affairs

“The Business of Student Affairs is a long-overdue primer on the many current challenges involved in leading and working within higher education, specifically student affairs and especially from a finance, technology, and planning lens. No doubt it will be required reading for all those preparing and currently working in student affairs. It is an instant classic!” —Patricia A. Whitely, Senior Vice President for Student Affairs, University of Miami

“The Business of Student Affairs has been long overlooked at both the graduate preparation and professional development levels. Drawing upon a remarkable career, Moneta has woven together a model primer for student affairs professionals at all levels of service.” —Danny Pugh, Vice President for Student Affairs, Texas A&M University

“Moneta has wonderfully articulated why mastering business practices helps practitioners achieve more significant impact on behalf of students. While student affairs professionals should first read this text in total, the individual chapters are also invaluable tools to revisit as leadership challenges and opportunities arise.” —Erin Hoffmann Harding, Vice President for Student Affairs (2012–2021), University of Notre Dame

“Clear, incisive, and powerfully useful. Higher education classes for emerging student affairs professionals should use this t ext as a primary  resource.” —Michael L. Jackson, Vice President Emeritus, University of Southern California