NASPA Supporting, Expanding, and Recruiting Volunteer Excellence (SERVE) Academy

The NASPA Supporting, Expanding, and Recruiting Volunteer Excellence (SERVE) Academy provides mid-to-senior level professionals with opportunities to enhance their NASPA leadership and volunteer experiences and contributes to the diversity of NASPA's board and leadership. Selected participants representing the diversity of the NASPA membership focus on executive development, mentorship, association management, and volunteer service. The SERVE experience also includes a semi-structured mentoring relationship with a past NASPA Board member.

Potential topics for SERVE participants include:
  • Association Governance and Non-profit Management
  • Association Finance, Strategic Partnerships, and Fundraising
  • Member Services, Member Engagement, and Component Relations
  • Professional Competencies, Content Development, and Online Learning
  • Research and Policy Initiatives and Activities
  • A leadership assessment 
  • Leading with and for your peers
The cohort who completes the NASPA SERVE Academy will be able to:
  • Gain deeper knowledge of association management and NASPA’s role in higher education
  • Expand network of colleagues to collaborate with in leadership and association experience
  • Explore ways to be involved more deeply in NASPA as a member
  • Define leadership for self and how to lead a set of peers
  • Identify individual plans for future volunteer leadership goals
Benefits of Participation
  • In-person orientation and overview 
  • Waived NASPA Annual Conference registration during the program
  • Mentorship with a past NASPA Board of Director Member
  • Individual opportunities to network with key professionals in the field
  • Recognition in the field as a member of this select group
If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding the program, contact Monica Nixon, vice president for justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion.

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