National Peer Educator Study

Learning Outcomes and Peer Education Go Hand-In-Hand

The National Peer Educator Study is an easy and free way to collect data about what the peer educators on your campus are gaining from their involvement in peer education. With the research assistance of former peer educator and advisor Dr. Matthew Wawrzynski at Michigan State University, BACCHUS is offering its affiliated campuses the opportunity to participate in a study on the learning outcomes of peer educators.

You will receive data to support your peer education program and to show what your peer educators are gaining as student leaders on campus. Campuses that participate in the study will receive a valuable learning outcomes summary that can be used to strengthen the learning outcomes of your peer educators and to promote peer education on campus. 

To date, over 200 institutions and over 1,200 peer educators have participated in the NPES.

For more information, contact the NPES Team.