The Commission on Equity & Inclusion aims to raise visibility of issues related to diversity, equity, inclusion & social justice and to explore practical strategies that will increase NASPA members’ commitment to and advancement of the following principles:

  • Understanding the value of diversity, the integrity of equity, and the benefit of inclusive practice
  • Identifying the elements of NASPA members’ work that can be leveraged to make a difference in promoting social justice
  • Modeling inclusive practices in all of NASPA’s work
  • Connecting cultural competence to performance outcomes
  • Building NASPA’s capacity to assist members by offering relevant education and professional development
  • Assessing progress toward achieving goals for diversity, equity, inclusion and social justice

The Commission’s tasks include developing and improving the visibility of diversity, equity, inclusion & social justice by stressing the importance of these values on NASPA’s website, creating goals, evaluation tools, and other practical strategies on these topics for NASPA’s individual units as well as NASPA as a whole.