NASPA & NIRSA Statement on Health and Well-being in Higher Education


1 - Purpose and Connection to Higher Education - Students' Health and Well-being

We believe it is time to transcend reactive, siloed, programmatic approaches to health and establish foundational, proactive, and upstream-based well-being initiatives for the campus community. While students must receive appropriate and reactive care when needed, there are large-scale benefits to proactive, upstream approaches that will allow increasing numbers of students to flourish and thrive. By focusing on the whole – the whole person, the whole educational experience, the whole institution, the whole community – well-being becomes a multifaceted goal and a shared responsibility for the entire campus.

Mission: Commitment to Well-being in Higher Education
We commit to innovating, supporting, and fostering a holistic, integrated, and strategic approach to well-being from the association level to the institutional level.

Vision: An Integrated Focus on Creating a Culture of Community of Well-being in Higher Education
We commit to promoting cultures of integrated well-being on campuses worldwide through the collaboration of higher education associations.

Read here for the full statement. For more information, contact the Health, Safety, and Well-being Team.