The Undocumented Immigrants & Allies Knowledge Community aims to share knowledge, resources, and research on/for undocumented students and students from mixed status families. The demographic landscape within higher education along with policy changes affecting undocumented students is ever changing. The creation of this knowledge community is an important and needed step for professionals to be able to contribute to the field via personal experience, best practices, research and so forth.


The Undocumented Immigrants & Allies Knowledge Community aims to increase awareness and national dialogue regarding the issues faced by undocumented student influences by their immigration status or lack thereof. This KC strives to share and create resources to further educate individuals within the field on how to support undocumented students.


The Undocumented Immigrants & Allies Knowledge Community aims to:

  • Highlight the intersections of various identities/experiences including:
    • undocumented students varying identities based on race, gender, sexual
    • orientation, country of origin, etc.
    • mixed immigration status families and its effects on students’ education
    • undocumented students affairs professionals including graduate students, staff
    • and faculty
  • Provide informal and formal mentorship for undocumented students who are interested in working within student affairs/higher education field
  • Demonstrate and provide a national network of professionals committed to undocumented students
  • Generate national dialogue in support of undocumented students across institutions
  • Collaborate to create resources for the field of higher education
  • Advocate for equality and access to all undocumented students
  • Share best practices to support undocumented students across our institutions and with K-12 partners, as appropriate