2017 TKC Business Meeting Agenda - NASPA National Conference

Lisa Endersby

March 1, 2017


National Conference Business Meeting | Tuesday, March 14th,1:00 - 2:00pm

Grand Hyatt -Bonham C

We are looking forward to welcoming our members, friends, and fans to the Technology Knowledge Community Business meeting. This meeting is an opportunity to network with colleagues while celebrating the great work of our TKC team and learning more about our upcoming projects.Be sure to also attend to meet our incoming Chair, Joe Sabado
  1. Welcome (Lisa Endersby, Chair & Joe Sabado, Chair-Elect)

  1. TKC Team Thank You - Highlights, Celebrations, and Gratitude

  1. TKC Awards Celebration (on behalf of Erin Hensley, TKC Awards Chair 2016-17)


Award Winner(s)

Technology Research, Assessment, and Evaluation Innovation Award

Paul Brown

Director of Curriculum, Training, and Research


Outstanding Graduate Student Award

Aven Jackson

Assistive Technology Coordinator

Texas State University

Student Affairs Technology Emerging Practice Award

Anthony Doody

Senior Director for Student Engagement

Rutgers University

Kait Zullo

Assistant Director of Student Engagement Marketing

Rutgers University

Elyse Washington

Assistant Director for Major Programs and Events

Rutgers University

TKC Small Research Grant

Charlie Potts

Assistant Dean and Director of Residential Life

Gustavus Adolphus College

TKC Awards Committee

Chair: Erin Hensley, The Ohio State University

  • Paul Eaton, Sam Houston State University
  • Matthew Miller, Seattle University
  • Faran Saeed, Madison House
  • Charles Hueber, Schreiner University
  • Juhi Bhatt, Rutgers University

5. Compendium for Emerging Practice in Technology and Higher Education

6. Highlighted Projects/Initiatives

  • TKC Research Agenda (on behalf of Brian Bourke, TKC Faculty Liaison)
  • Digital Marketing LMS Course - (Brittany Collins, DePauw University, TKC Webinar Co-Facilitator)
  • EdTech Consortium ETC (Josie Ahlquist, TKC Competencies Coordinator)

7. Open Discussion/Questions (Lisa Endersby, Chair)

8. Closing Remarks (Lisa Endersby, Chair & Joe Sabado, Chair-Elect)

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