API KC Award Winner: Joren “Ren” Plunkett

February 13, 2018

Award: Future Leader

Name: Joren “Ren” Plunkett

Title: Graduate Assistant

Institution: University of Utah

Quotes from nominator(s):

"She has gone above and beyond as someone who speaks up and provides spaces for students to voice their concerns and identities. When her department fell short of graduate assistants, she stepped up and took on more responsibilities to support student organizations in programming and their experiences on campus."

" My time working with Joren in numerous projects has allowed me to learn of her passion of creating a socially just environment for her students. She is someone that deeply cares about students who are coming from a Pacific Islander, Hawaiian, and Asian American background, as these are also identities that she shares. These three identities are often lumped together and are invisible in the discussion of providing support for them on college campuses. Thus, a lot of Joren’s academic work is bringing up issues that these three groups faces, as well as the importance of desegregating data among Pacific Islanders, Hawaiians, and Asian Americans. She has done workshops on the conversations around Tatau, the story-telling of art and tattoos that are significant in Pacific Islander and Hawaiian cultures."

"Ren is a role model to all students here at the University of Utah. Each time I walk over to speak with Ren, there is a student sitting near her desk speaking with her, laughing with her, and/or seeking her advice. Ren has built a strong rapport with all students, and particularly students from underrepresented identities, in the Union and beyond. Students look to Ren and a role model, confidant, mentor, and friend."

Please help us in celebrating and recognizing Ren's accomplishments by attending our annual API KC Awards Ceremony on Tuesday, March 6th from 6:00-7:00pm @ Loews Congress B.  All are welcome. 

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